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ASSINDUSTRIA PESARO URBINOASSINDUSTRIA PESARO-URBINO, in order to valorize the role of the Enterprises of the province and help them to face the new challenges generated by globalization and by the increased strength of the competition, has created ASSINDUSTRIA CONSULTING
ASSINDUSTRIA CONSULTING provides the Associated Enterprises with qualified services, either by direct operation trough its own structures, or through conventions with companies specialized in different fields.
ASSINDUSTRIA CONSULTING has established a convention with GFB Industrial Consulting to extend to all associated enterprises specific services (in the field of Grants and reduced Interest Rate Finance for Industrial Innovation) to facilitate to the enterprises of the province of Pesaro-Urbino the access to the financial benefits allowed by regional, national and communitarian laws (which aim to improve the industrial competitiveness of our companies).

CIESSEFFE - Centro Servizi Finanziari Europa
CIESSEFFECIESSEFFE operates as a financing advisor in the research and development sector in many industrial fields.
It must be said that, among the Associated and Collaborators of CIESSEFFE, there are many engineers, each one specialized in a different field (electronic, mechanical, chemical, etc.), everyone of them experienced in the preparation and presentation of industrial research and development programs to the authorities responsible for the access to Reduced Interest Rate Finance.
CIEFFESSE operates in a flexible manner in every phase of the Research and Development program eligible for grants and reduced interest rate finances.

COMEXCOMEX is a private company (whose stock of 3.750 Million Lira is owned by about 100 shareholders) that produces Personal Computers distributed throughout Italy by a proprietary network of Dealers and professional Retailers.
COMEX mission consists in providing Information Technology solutions, optimized for many industrial sectors, and, thanks to proprietary know-how on IT networks, in the diffusion of the Internet-Intranet networks, which are vital ingredient for the improvement of culture and industrial efficiency.
COMEX co-operates with the Italian Department for Public Education. developing new teaching methodologies, such as multimedia systems and video-conferencing, and to help students, during the study of all the scholastic disciplines, with advanced multimedia methodologies.
COMEX produces personal computer according to the strictest quality standards, which is an essential factor to fulfil the company's mission. The achieved high quality levels (thanks to a sophisticated research activity, to the use of high grade components and to the adoption of the latest techniques of production control) have been certified by ISO-9001 by BVQI, one of the primary certification authorities in the world.

FAKS Forschungs und Entwicklungs
FAKSFAKS stands for innovative-technological product development and for qualified assistance to its customers during the entire design cycle, starting from the early idea conception until the full production of the product.
An important aspect of the activity of FAKS consists in the great experience gained by developing advanced products that, due to the technological contents, have been approved by the European Community eligible for financial support.
It is worth mentioning that in the field of financial programs aimed at increasing the industrial efficiency of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's), FAKS has acquired a great experience and a great number of references (i.e. proposed project which have been successfully submitted and approved).
As well known access to European Contributions for R&D Program is allowed only to SMEs partnerships (i. e. different enterprised located in different European nations) which share the same research objectives and agree to participate to a joined research program.
The cooperation between
GFB Industrial Consulting and FAKS (a company with important technological know how and substantial organizational skill) facilitates the search for partners (particularly in central-northern Europe) and simplifies the coordination and reporting during the various development phases.
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