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Giacomo F. BodiniServed as Managing Director, Vice President of Engineering, Chairman of the Board, Member of the Board in many European Companies. In these positions he:

  • directed two foreign subsidiaries of an Italian Company, re-organizing in two years three sales networks, tripling the turnover and improving the profitability of the group
  • founded, consolidated and directed Research and Development Laboratories, including all the activities necessary to expand the product portfolio and the company turn-over
  • introduced and coordinated the Divisional Long Range Planning, including the Investment Plans, the ROI Forecast, the Amortization Plan and the Employment Trend Analysis
  • promoted many international initiatives aimed at industrial acquisitions, commercial and technical co-operations, exploitation of better production environments (defining and activating the necessary joint-ventures)
  • studied and directed re-structuring programs for various companies, with particular attention to the differential profitability of the involved Divisions and Activities
  • proposed many Research Programs wich have been approved and financed by the Italian Department of University and Research (laws 46, 346 and European Programs)

Since 1996 he has been teaching as Contract Professor at the University of Padua (Department of Electronics). Course on "Research and Development in the Industrial Environment"


Served as manager and Director in many brnches if the banks Credito Italiano and Cassa di Risparmio di Faenza. Today he operates as Industrial Consultant. Consulente Industriale. In these positions he:

  • attended a Stage for Top Managers promoted by Managing Director of the bank Credito Italiano
  • operated as Senior Financial and Industrial Consultant for the bank Cassa di Risparmio di Faenza, the association Confartigianato/Cna in the province of Ravenna and inmany industries with international operation
  • founded (with other partners) IDEA sas and directed the company, opering in the sector of Financial and Industrial Consultancy.
  • founded (with other partners) CiEssEffe-Centro Servizi Finanziari Europa; in this company, opering in the sector of Financial Support to Industrial Companies, he is the Partner in charge of Administration, Commercial Dept. and Marketing
  • founded (with other partners) Intercom srl; this company operates in the sector of Financial and Industrial Consultancy for large projects involving Internationalization and Globalization


Served as Project Engineer, Managing Director and Vice President in different companies. He is also shareholder and Member of Board of some international orientated companies. During his professional career he

  • studied mechanical engineer at the University of Aachen focussed on materials, production technologies and propulsions
  • organised and installed a quality assurance system using statistical data for improving the manufacturing process
  • created an innovative way of producing spherical bended geometry by the prediction and compensation of deviations during the manufacturing process
  • founded an international co-operating network for the development of sophisticated products using advanced IT solutions
  • consulted a large number of European small and medium enterprises in determining effective ways for the funded realisation of ideas into products
  • planned and coordinated many Research and Development Programs funded by the EEC (CRAFT Projects)

Since 1992 he is managing director of FAKS GmbH, a company founded to support mainly the small and medium sized enterprises with innovative product developments.

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