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Italy and the European Community have prepared different types of incentive schemes to increase the competitiveness of European Industries (with attention to SME's); these incentives are regulated by:

Regional Laws

Italian Laws

European Laws

To access the benefit allowed by these laws GFB Industrial Consulting provides the following services:
analysis and advantage comparison, based on the applicable legislative tools, and preparation of the "business plan", which constitutes the foundation document for the investments of the enterprise, identifying thcharacteristics or parameters useful for the assignment of the incentives;
supervision during the preparation of the application for financing, including the support documentation (and assistance in identifying the activities and the expenses allowed in each specific incentive scheme) and during the transmission of the forms to the involved Authority (European Commissions, MURST, MICA, etc.);
formulation of the financing reports, including verification of the necessary documentation (and assistance in identifying the activities and the expenses allowed in each specific incentive scheme) and during the visits of the experts of the involved Authority;
attendance during the technical examination and assistance in the preparation of the technical reports; support during the testing-verifications that the responsible Authority conducts during the evolution of the program;
financial planning, actual value calculations, convenience analysis, etc., with reference to all the financing possibilities available to the enterprise and, if necessary, organization of mid-term financing operations to integrate the costs coverage of the financial plan.

The European productive system, particularly the Italian one, does not share some advantages characterizing the emerging nations (South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines and China) as low costs of labour, reduced taxation of the enterprises and high mobility of the human resources.

Accordingly it is very difficult to compete with the product-services produced by the enterprises situated in these areas, if the comparison is to be made on products with similar performances.

The western world must qualify its products with innovative contents, to attenuate the cost differential that our productive system inserts in the good-services produced by us; this is felt as a primary requirement by the Italian Government and also by the European Community.

For this reason Italy and the European Community have prepared many types of incentive schemes to help SME's to undertake all the actions necessary to improve their industrial competitiveness.

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