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In this context GFB Industrial Consulting proposes the following services:
preparation of the necessary development programs to give proper answers to the demands originated from the market, from the competition, from the evolution of the society, from the results of research conducted in the academic world, etc.;
planning and management of the technological evolution according to the business strategy;
definitions of the Research and Development activities, valorizing the innovation proposals coming from the customers, the inside of the enterprise, the suppliers, etc. specifying the criteria of selection-evaluation of the various projects;
identification of the R & D organization structure more suited for the enterprise like: concurrent engineering, quality function deployment, variety reduction, target costing, etc.;
solutions to organization problems in the innovation structure (management techniques of the projects and structure of the R & D teams) and optimization of the development process in terms of quality, time, costs;
study of the introduction of the new products on the market and optimization of the life cycle of the product family.

Innovation constitutes a crucial point of the strategy of the enterprise of every type and dimension and this is true for the enterprises inserted in fast evolving sectors, characterized by intense commitment in Research and Development, and for the enterprises that, although operating with more consolidated products and processes, have in the innovation strategy an important lever of competitive advantage.

Innovation is not only a way to increase the technological or scientific know-how of the enterprise, but it implies also the evolution of the managerial systems, the productive structure, the organization and the culture of the enterprise as a whole.

In the innovative enterprise it is important to find new communication systems between economic-managerial sector and the scientific-technological component; this must be done through approaches studied to valorize the human and professional values.

The acceleration of the knowledge and the reduction of the times needed to transfer the new knowledge from the laboratories to the factory require for the entrepreneur to be assisted by a net of capable consultants able in identifying and managing the new skills and techniques, not always available inside the company.

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